Using the Zmachine Synergy

The Zmachine Synergy is a high-tech in-home sleep monitoring system. Please review the video and other information on this web page for a successful sleep study.

Helpful Tips

  • Watch the video... Twice
    First, watch it early in the day to familiarize yourself with the procedures so you can be prepared for your upcoming sleep study. Then, about 20 minutes before bed, follow along with the video while applying the Zmachine Synergy.
  • Remove nail polish & fake nails
    Sorry, but nail polish and fake nails will interfere with the signals and could make the study invalid. But, this is only needed on the finger you intend to use with the finger sensor.
  • Wear a light & comfortable shirt
    This will improve your comfort during the study, and will prevent the system from sliding down during the night.
  • Review the Patient Guide
    The Patient Guide contains important information and should be reviewed before your sleep study.


Frequently Asked Questions

Something light and comfortable is best. You'll need to wear a T-shirt, undershirt, or pajama shirt for your sleep study.

Nail polish and fake nails will interfere with the finger sensor which needs to shine a light though your finger tip to measure oxygen levels and heart rate. The light is not very strong, and so nail polish and fake nails can easily interfere with the readings.

Yes. You can get up whenever you want, just leave the system running. Use caution around water to prevent it from entering the system, and be sure to take the finger probe off your finger before washing your hands.

Yes. Lying on the system and cords is absolutely fine and will not influence the recording. Sleep in any position that is comfortable and representative of your normal sleep.

If you discover that a sensor came off, just put it back on. That's all, there's nothing else you need to do. By carefully following the instructions, problems with sensors will be minimized.

General Sleep is a medical device manufacturer and so does not provide medical services or advice. If you have any questions, please contact your medical provider directly.